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4 Set Of Bluetooth hearing aids

Everything about Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth technology is revolutionizing many conventional devices to a smarter wireless alternative. You may have already come across the implementations of Bluetooth in various methods like keyboard, headphones and speakers. However, the use of that as a hearing aid technology has been a fantastic revelation due to its contribution in converting the hearing aids to custom audio devices. The technology has immensely enhanced the hearing experiences of hearing aid users. It plays a critical role in helping them stay connected with the network of loved ones and to all modern gadgets as well. Read further to understand the benefits of Bluetooth as a hearing aid technology and a list of few products that make use of Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth as a hearing aid technology

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication technology that enables the transfer of data between two or more electronic gadgets. Radio waves set to high frequencies are used to transfer data with low interference and with negligible security risks. The technology has been the prime source of communication between household electronic items, including phones, television, computers, speakers, or tablets for quite a few years. The inclusion of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids is considered as a fantastic innovation for its efficiency in doubling up the hearing aid as a personalized custom audio device.

One of the most significant advantages of including technology in the hearing aids is the low battery consumption and the compatibility of the devices with smartphones. The new version of Bluetooth has made it possible for the hearing aids to directly implement the technology in the devices, which were impossible in the earlier versions. Earlier, digital hearing aids had to implement wireless accessories to communicate with smart devices. Apple has already patented certain hearing aids that directly interact with the apple products such as iPhones, iPad or iPod. Google is also on the innovation stride to develop hearing aids compatible with Android devices.

Assistive listening devices called streamers have been in use for a long time as the streaming link between the hearing aids and Bluetooth enabled devices. With different kinds of compatibility-based hearing aids available, the devices are primarily categorized into three types.

  • Audio devices or streamers that connect the Bluetooth hearing aid to the streaming device are the first models. These streamers direct the Bluetooth signals from the phone to hearing aids through FM signals or electromagnetic waves.
  • Made for iPhone(MFI) directly streams the phone calls or contents to iPhone compatible hearing aids. These devices do not need a streamer or any peripheral devices. Phonak Marvel, Signia NX, Oticon OPN S, ReSound Linxand Widex Evoke are some of the MFI available in the market.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids that streams to Android devices directly are also available in the market. Though many Android compatible hearing aids are still unable to stream audio contents, experts are expecting the release of all device compatible hearing aids, soon. Audio B-direct is an android compatible hearing aid.

 Read on to understand the benefits of having a Bluetooth enabled hearing aid.

Benefits of Bluetooth hearing aid

Regardless of devices that are either connected by streamers or are directly streamed through the hearing aids, the benefits of Bluetooth as a hearing aid technology is fantastic. Few of the benefits are as follows.

Accessing phone calls with ease

Individuals with hearing disabilities often find it challenging to recognize an incoming call due to background noise or without any visible visual indicators. They are likely to miss the calls in the absence of visual stimulation. Bluetooth hearing aid eliminate this disadvantage by streaming the phone signals directly to the hearing aids and making their life more comfortable.

Streaming entertainment contents

With the hearing aids connected to the phone directly, Bluetooth technology also enables the users to connect to their favourite shows or podcasts. The smartphone app  makes it easier to control the various features. The app controls also allow the users to connect directly to the TV and stream the audio directly to the hearing aids.

Multi-device connectivity

The option of pairing the streamer with multiple devices enables the users to experience various possibilities at a time. That is, the users can get their audios paused in their tab when the streamer directs the phone calls to the hearing aids.

Personalized experiences

The streamers also provide another exemplar advantage of a customized experience. It is now possible to stream audio signals to one, or both the hearing aids and the signals can be amplified based on personalized requirements.

Bluetooth hearing aids are a bit more expensive than contemporary hearing aids, but the increasing demand for Bluetooth devices is likely to lower its current pricing hopefully. For those who are already using hearing aids can purchase a Bluetooth streamer from their manufacturers and enjoy their benefits.

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