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A Doctor or Audiologist Wearing Hearing Aid To Her Patient.

Many people around the world suffer from hearing loss. While most of them have benefitted from hearing aid, the most commonly asked question is will it restore their normal hearing?

Sorry to disappoint you, the answer is NO. The hearing aid cannot cure your loss of hearing, whereas it will only aid in making you hear clearly. The hearing aid is known to help you in the long term process and will help you lead your life normally. They are considered as the choice of treatment. For instance, just like the glass helps you see and read clearly, similarly, the hearing aid will help you to hear clearly.

But like other tools, hearing aid also must be used carefully and with prior consultation with health professionals. Also, it will take time to adjust to the new mode of hearing. So, one must be patient to help themselves in the long term process.

How do hearing aids work?

In simple words, hearing aids acts as an amplifier. In most of the hearing loss cases, the minute delicate hairs in the ear that acts as a connector to the brain cells fail or insufficiently work which leads to low hearing or loss of hearing. The hearing aids with the help of a microphone picks up the sounds and makes it sound clear. This, in turn, the healthy hair cells helps in transmitting the sounds to the brain just like the working of normal cells.

What will the hearing aids do for me?

The hearing aids not only help in making the sound clear but also exercise the inactive nerve cells. When the cells do not work, they become inactive and lose their strength. They need continuous stimulation to stay healthy. Hence, the hearing aids help the nerves and the cells to be active.

The hearing aids also help you connect with modern technology like Bluetooth devices and smartphones. It also adapts to its surroundings and helps to level the frequency level.

Why can’t hearing aids restore my hearings to normal?

The hearing aids act as a helper and not as a restorer. They will only aid in clearing the sound and will allow the information to pass to the brain which otherwise would be difficult without the aid.

How to get the most of the hearing aid?

It is a slow process to get most of the hearing aid. One will learn slowly as to how to adapt the aid and also how to use it. It is like learning a new language where you will learn slowly and gradually.

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