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Only people with hearing impairment can understand the struggles they undergo day in and day out. They can better their lives with hearing aids. However, hearing aids have one obvious drawback- they end up amplifying each and every sound in the vicinity. For somebody who is trying hard to hear what the person next to him is saying, such noise would be akin to a sense of chaos! Thus, a hearing aid could have a jarring effect on his ears and not achieve the main purpose.

Are there any options available wherein the hearing aid only amplifies the sound that is meant to be heard, while diminishing the effect of the other unwanted sounds?

The good news is that there is indeed an option available, and it comes in the form of a nifty gadget called the hearing loop! A hearing loop is a device attached to the hearing aid and solves the above problem beautifully, thereby making the lives of those afflicted with hearing loss much better.

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What Is A Hearing Loop? What exactly does a hearing loop do?

A hearing loop amplifies the sounds that you need to hear, and at the same time reduces the unwanted background noises. It is a special equipment that boosts only the specific sound signals in the hearing aids. It helps those with hearing loss to focus on particular sounds. Consider this scenario- You need to hear a conversation clearly in spite of a lot of noise going on in the background. With the help of a hearing loop, you will be able to focus on the conversation without getting disturbed by the other sounds. This can be very handy when watching television or listening to radio. Generally, the hearing loops come with a cable in a T setting, along with a microphone and amplifier.

There are various types of hearing loops available, that helps people in various kinds of places and situations. The several types of hearing loops, and they are as follows:

Room loop: This is a loop that helps people with hearing loss when they are a part of the audience attending a lecture, amphitheatre, community centres, etc. This helps people to focus on the talk by the speakers.

Counter loop: These are made to help those who are either working in the customer services department or are interacting with customer services somewhere. These loops are placed on the countertop and facilitate dialogues between the customer and customer services. These loops enhance specific sounds in spite of barriers in such places.

Portable loop: As the name suggests, this is a hearing loop that can be carried and used anywhere. This device contains a loop, an amplifier and a cable. This kind of hearing loop helps you to interact with people anywhere, devoid of all struggles and hardship.

Infrared loop: This device does away with the need of having a cable attached and uses infrared rays for amplifying sounds. It is not necessary that this be installed right where you are. This can be put in a corner or some other place, away from the users.

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