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Hearing Loops offer a discreet and personalised listening experience for those using telecoil technology in their cochlear implants or hearing aids. A hearing loop is the most preferred assistive listening technology, enabling people with hearing impairment to receive amplified and clear sound through the use of a T-coil hearing aid, a hearing loop receiver or a cochlear implant. We are committed to improving the quality of lives of people with hearing impairment by offering professional and quality hearing loop solutions.

Understanding hearing loops
A Hearing Loop consists of a wire is connected to the sound system that transmits sound electromagnetically. The signals are picked by cochlear implant or telecoil. Just flip the t-switch to activate the telecoil. For this purpose, there is no need for any additional equipment or receiver. The hearing loop and the telecoil used in combination are cost effective. It offers seamless hearing, and there is no need for any additional gears. Hearing loops are also known as audio-induction loops, loops or audio loops. If there is not telecoil, a headset needs to be plugged into the loop receiver to deliver the same effect.

Explaining the Telecoil
A Telecoil functions almost the same as a wireless antenna that links the sound system and delivers personalised sound to the listener. It is made of a small copper coil and is optional in hearing aids and can be constructed into the cochlear implant processors. It is also known as t-coil and was primarily used to boost the magnetic signals in a telephone handset. The telecoil can be activated using a T-switch. Most of the landline and mobile phones are designed using telecoil.

Telecoil can bring about a noticeable change in your life when it is combined with hearing assistive technology like hearing loop. It bridges the gap between sound source and the user. The loop connects to the sound source by eliminating the background noise, reverberation, acoustic distortions and competing sounds. The functionality of the hearing aid can be improved multifold if you buy hearing aid with the telecoil.

Hearing loop technology brings about a radical change in the ability to participate in public life without any embarrassment or inconvenience. The hearing loop circumscribes the area where the listening audience is present, and the sound signals are carried through the loop without any background noise. The telecoil picks the sound signal and delivers it to the listener. The T-coil program has to be activated to improve the sound clarity. A separate receiver will not be needed.

In many venues today, FM or infrared systems meeting regulatory compliance are used, though no one wants to exhibit their hearing impairment by showcasing their headset. In such cases, the hearing loop is the best assistive technology. The hearing loop does not just benefit the hearing impaired population. Businesses too welcome this technology. Theatres, senior centres, banks, pharmacies and communities are some of the places that benefit immensely from the hearing loop technology.

At this point, it is worth to mention that a few additional techniques can also be looked into, to improve the performance of the hearing loop. A recent study has shown how techniques like Yoga can improve the blood flow to the nerves in the ears resulting in an improvement in hearing. Make sure to consult yoga practitioners and buy specially designed yoga props for the hearing impaired from dealers like Yoga King, Buy-yoga, Yogaprops, etc. More information regarding the yoga postures to improve hearing is available at reliable sites like

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