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Closeup Image of A Hearing Aid & A Man Wearing Hearing Aid.

The Invaluable Value Of Hearing Aids

For those prescribed a nano hearing aid, there is no doubt that they are an essentiality. Hearing aids bring with them a plethora of social, emotional and medical benefits to those who have hearing loss.

  • They help support brain function.
  • They provide safety and security.
  • They aid in reconnecting with family, friends and passions.

The modern hearing aids are a far cry from their previous counterparts. Technology has made them not only smaller but also much advanced. As a result, the sounds are not only richer but also more comfortable to pick up.

If you have been asked by a doctor to buy a hearing aid, consider it a sound investment. But as with any big purchase, certain due diligence is needed. With that in mind, here are a few things you should know about hearing aids.

What Are Hearing Aids Made of?

When we think of hearing aids, we see an image of large, cumbersome aids in flesh-toned colours. The present-day hearing aids are very different from those. Think of them as small computers designed for discretion, ergonomics and powerful processing.

These nano hearing aids are made with plastic, metal and silicon – all durable materials that safeguard the electronics inside. The hearing aids are not only discreet and small but also nano-coated with a substance that ensures debars and moisture doesn’t slip inside.

The construction of current hearing aids also imparts the ability to withstand high levels of impact. But that said, they do require some maintenance. It may not be as rigorous as their bulky predecessors, but it is needed.

How To Maintain A Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are akin to workhorses. Their nano-size doesn’t stop them from providing consistent power every day. But with daily use, some wear and tear do occur.

For instance, moisture, dust, oil from the skin and sweat can seep into them. This disrupts their working. Here are some tips on daily maintenance of hearing aids to make them last longer:

  • Clean your hearing aid every day.
  • When the hearing aid is not used, it should be kept securely in a dry place.
  • A dehumidifying unit is one of the best ways to dry any moisture that has seeped into the hearing aid over the course of the day. Use the unit overnight.
  • Every 3 to 4 months, take your hearing aid to a professional for a thorough cleaning. This step is essential because the aid is made of several nano, intricate parts and cleaning them is near impossible for you.

Those who have used nano hearing aids know the difference they make in life. If you have been thinking of getting one fitted, now is the right time to do it. It is one investment that will make your life worlds better!

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