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A Hearing Aid Displayed On The Table.

The importance and reflectance of the different types of hearing aids

There are many types of hearing aids available in the market. The concept of all the hearing aids is the same, and the only thing differing them is the name given to them by their respective manufacturers. The different types have been designed based on the customization demands from different patients. The technical term used for differentiation is suitability. The suitability of the hearing aid varies on various factors like hearing impairment, size, and shape of the ear canal, the condition of the channel, and the dexterity and vision control of the patient.

The different types of hearing aids

Invisible in canal or (IIC) hearing aid

The IIC type of hearing aid is too small, and the surgeons fit the hearing aid based on the customization and the size requirement of the patient. People who suffer mild or medium hearing loss use this hearing aid. These types of hearing aids can be difficult for patients who are suffering from vision problems.

Completely in canals or (CIC) hearing aid

They are small and compatible with all sizes of ear canals as they can be personalized and can fit themselves entirely inside the ear canals. They are cosmetically handy as they have fewer chances of visibility. People who have problems with vision, dexterity, and excess sweating can stay away from the completely in the canal hearing aid.

In the canal (ITC) hearing aid

The in the canal hearing aid is a larger one, and the size of it supports a large battery for the long-life. People who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss, which is severe, are recommended to use this hearing aid, which can provide longevity in the output as it possesses a considerable battery life.

In the ear half-shell hearing aid

People who want a smart hearing aid can use the ITE – HS one as it has a large size than ITC and can provide features like output and volume control, directional microphones, and much more exciting stuff.

In the ear full-shell hearing aid

They are the most significant type of hearing aid on earth, and the size makes them entirely suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. They have several programming buttons with considerable battery life. They are cosmetically less visible but can create problems for people who have an excess of wax production in ears.

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