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Nano Hearing Aids: What’s New About Them?

To the person with hearing impairment, the hearing aid is a blessing, a boon, and a life-saving invention. In the US alone, there are more than 36 million people who suffer from some form of hearing impairment.

Hearing aids have evolved over the years. They come in an eclectic range of models and sizes and not to forget – the prices! Amongst the heavy competition of hearing aids in the market, a new name has busted right into the eye of the storm.

Introducing the Nano Hearing Aids. The Nano Hearing Aid has made much noise and created much hype and it is claimed to be “Americas #1 Selling Hearing Aid Online”.

Founded in 2017 by Robert Carlson, Nano Hearing Aids is an online company. What is it that makes Nano different from other companies? 

On its website, the company claims to “provide hearing aids without the middleman”.  Nano makes it convenient for users to buy a hearing aid without consulting an audiologist. The company offers hearing aids that are relatively more affordable than those obtained from a healthcare provider.

There is more. Equipped with the latest technology, Nano allows the user to choose program and volume settings to fine tune the experience of using a hearing aid. 

What Are The Nano Products? 

The Nano CIC

In hearing aid terminology, CIC stands for Completely in the Canal. While this is commonly available with most brands, Nano claims that its CIC works for 98.7% of the users. Like all CICs, Nano CIC is also small enough to be hidden discreetly behind the ear. 

The Nano CIC is available in 2 types: 

  • Digital Nano CIC

When the battery runs out on the digital version of the Nano CIC, the user has to replace the battery. The digital Nano CIC comes with a 6-month supply of batteries, extra ear domes, and  a screwdriver. It also comes with a 45 day money-back guarantee and a 12 month warranty. 

  • Rechargeable Nano CIC

To ensure that the device can be recharged anywhere at any time, it comes with its own charging cases, USB cord, charging plug and additional ear domes. It also has the same 45-day money back offer and 12 month warranty.

However, disgruntled customers have pointed out some sore points with the Nano CIC:

  • The user has to adjust the volume with the use of the screwdriver provided in the pack.
  • The battery life is considerably low.
  • The battery door is inconveniently small, which makes it difficult to change the battery.
  • The make of the CIC calls for deep insertion into the ear canal. This unfortunately leads to build up of earwax and the subsequent damaging of the device itself.

The Nano X2

The Nano X2 is a BTE hearing aid or Behind The Ear hearing aid. Unlike the CIC which completely sits in the ear canal, the X2 sits behind the ear. Only the ear bud fits into the ear canal and both parts are connected with a thin plastic tube. 

The Nano X2 is perfect for users who are comfortable with the device being visible to others. 

Similar to the CIC, Nano X2 comes equipped with the 12 month warranty and 45 day cash-back offer. And not to forget the charging case and other paraphernalia. 

Here is how the Nano X2 differs from the Nano CIC:

  • It has a longer battery life.
  • Its larger size ensures that parts are easy to replace and controls are easier to adjust.
  • Background noise-cancelling technology.
  • Four different environment settings.
  • Two directional microphones.
  • The Audion 4 amplifier.
  • Multiple ear buds.
  • Works for 12 hours after 3 hours of recharging.
  • Available in digital and rechargeable versions. 

What is the cost of hearing aids when it comes to Nano products?

The hearing aids cost anywhere from $397 to $799. Check out the company’s website for more details. 

Nano Hearing Aids: Caught In A Cloud Of Controversy?

In spite of its well-designed products, remarkable marketing strategy and visionary stance, Nano Hearing Aids have been embroiled in one controversy after the other. 

Some users have complained of lack of quality and pitiable customer care. There have been complaints from customers about getting refunds for broken devices. The company’s support team has also not been very helpful, say some other clients. 

The Better Business Bureau cites more than 200 complaints about Nano. Taking the complaints into consideration, BBB has given Nano a C+ rating . To make matters worse, BBB also revoked its accreditation last October. 

Customers have also complained of Nano Hearing Aids resorting to deceptive marketing practices on social media. 

It is up to Nano to clear the air regarding its numerous controversies and upgrade the quality of their products and services. If that is done, Nano stands a chance of being one of the most sought-after brands for hearing aids. 

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