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Modern digital in the ear hearing aid for deafness and the hard of hearing in man's ear.

Recent Trends In The Manufacture Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are devices which supports people with hearing problems. These are high technology device which is made up of minute components. In recent years, there is a need to manufacture hearing aids, which is smaller in size so that it is not noticeable to others. Robotic technology would help in the manufacture of small hearing aids. Thus a flexible robot can help in handling the miniature components of hearing aids. Cobots are also used in the production of high precision hearing aids.  

Here you would know about the recent trends and the use of robotics technology in the manufacture of hearing aids.

Robotics And Manufacturing Of Hearing Aids

Robots were indeed employed for the manufacture of hearing aids by popular hearing aid companies. This technology was being used for more than ten years as it deals with minute components. In the past, the hearing aid manufacturing industries made use of two and three-axis robots for creating highly precise hearing aids. But there was a high demand in the market for small hearing aids which makes it comfortable for people with hearing issues to use it. Thus the two and three-axis robots can no longer be used in the manufacture of hearing aids. The lateral and vertical movements were not possible with this two-three axis robot. Here – – you check out the importance of robots in hearing aid production

Image of  Various Hearing Aids on White Background.

Highly precise and small hearing aids cannot be manufactured by manual labor. There is a need to manufacture modern hearing aids which contains parts of millimeter size. This process is not possible for human labor. Thus a flexible and latest model robots are required that can deal with small and miniature parts.

Features Of New Technology Robot 

Indeed, the robot that works based on old robotic technology could not meet the future needs of the hearing aids manufacturing industry. Thus the small and miniature type of hearing aids can be manufactured by six-axis articulated robot. Universal Robots manufactured this latest robot.

The six-axis articulated robot was used in the task of handling a wax filter. It is a small component that comes along with the hearing aid device. This component prevents the device from the accumulation of wax.

This latest function specific robot makes use of the vacuum system to position the small and tiny elements in the mold and perform the suction of plastic elements. The suction tool of the robot can deal with nearly four small components at a time. The minute and highly sensitive elements dealt with the six-axis robots are not damaged as the vacuum system takes complete care of it.

The robot can handle complex molded components as it works along with the pneumatic gripping tool. The six axes of the robot can rotate and tilt the mold components quickly based on the need.

Image of Colloborative Robot in Hearing Aid manufacturing Industry.

Collaborative Robots

This new UR robot explicitly designed for the manufacture of highly precise and small hearing aids. Human intervention is possible in the task performed by these latest robots. Thus these robots are called as collaborative robots as they work in tandem with human resource. These robots are safe to use as it comes with a safety shielding. When the pressure increases more than 150 Newton, then the robot stops working immediately.

This type of robot can be involved in detailed tasks of the making of hearing aids. There is no need for skilled programmers with the use of latest technology robots for the manufacture of hearing aids.

Cost-Effective Robot

The hearing aid manufacturing industry can manage with the rising demand for small and miniature type hearing aids with the use of these latest robots. It is a cost-effective investment made by manufacturers of hearing aids. The UR robots are highly effective, and it meets the demands of the market.

Thus robotic technology would help in the manufacture highly precise and small hearing aids. 

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