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The one boon technology has given humankind that cannot be appreciated enough is hearing impaired solutions. Hearing aids are a wonder that helps many wearers. This article focuses on the three main types of hearing available in the market today namely Behind the ear, Inside the ear and Receiver in the ear.

  • BTE hearing aids are the ones that are worn behind and along the top of the ear. All the components of the device are encased behind the ear with a sound tube that joins to the ear canal. To connect to the ear, the aid has a coupling. BTE aids may also have a custom ear mould and tip to make it more comfortable to wear them. For those who wear the device to the left, there is a thin tube and instant fit tip.  These types of hearing aid have been available in the market for a long time, but recent advancements have made them tinier and more powerful.

They are self-contained units because all the parts fit inside a case. They are also the most versatile aids that allow them to be used for any kind of hearing loss. The aids are manufactured in two categories. The first is to help solve mild to severe hearing loss and the second for profound hearing loss. The latter kind is called super power gadget.

  • ITE hearing aids are offered in two types – the CIC (completely in Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal). Both these kinds completely fit in the ear and are custom made to the wearer. Therefore, they are offered in varied shapes and sizes that can run the gamut from hidden hearing aids to Full Shell hearing aids. The difference in size and shape also controls their functionality and power.

ITE hearing aids have also been present in the market for long and once were very popular. Their demand has decreased in the past few years thanks to the rise of RITE devices. Presently, even very small ITE hearing aids come with higher functionality which makes them entirely apt for harsh environments.

  • The third primary type of hearing impairment aid is the RIC or RITE also known as Receiver in Canal or Receiver in The Ear. They are the most recent addition to the market. They were innovated when the need for miniscule behind the ear hearing aid rose. Manufacturers moved the receiver or speaker from inside of the hearing aid to the outside. Thus RITE was born where the receiver or speaker is fitted inside the ear canal at the end of a wire.

Besides the position of the receiver, RIC hearing aids are completely similar to BTE hearing aids. The aid is still fitted behind the ear with a thin wire connecting to the speaker which in the ear canal. These are the most discreet kind of the hearing aids present in the market. They are extremely versatile too and can be used for different kinds of hearing loss.

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